Semi Low Loader

Carrist Semi Low Loaders are mainly transport with all kind of earth moving machine, such as crane, bull dozer, motor grader, fork lift and other heavy equipment. The lower the center of gravity, the better the stability and safety, the stronger the ability to transport over height cargo.

Carrist Semi Low Loader is also widely used for the transportation of a variety of mechanical equipment, mega objects, highway construction equipment, super tanks, power station equipment and all kinds of steel structures.


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Product Details

Carrist Semi Low Loader usually adopts drop deck platform, that is, the front section is gooseneck (the king pin of gooseneck is connected with the fifth wheel of the truck, and the rear end of gooseneck is connected with the Semi Low Loader platform), the rear section is cargo platform (the lowest part of the platform).

When loading the earthing moving machine on the Semi Low Loader, the earthing moving machine is usually loaded from the rear end of the Semi Low Loader from the ramp, and then the earthing moving machine is fixed on the Semi Low Loader.

Semi Low Loader

Specification of Semi Low Loader


5 km/h

3 km/h

1 km/h

0.5 km/h

Payload (Net load)

104,000 kg

112,000 kg

*)128,000 kg

*)144,000 kg

Dead weight (approx.)

16,000 kg

16,000 kg

16,000 kg

16,000 kg

Max. rated total weight

120,000 kg

128,000 kg

144,000 kg

160,000 kg

Rated axle load/line

30,000 kg

32,000 kg

*) 36,000 kg

*) 40,000 kg

Loading platform size, L x W

approx. 5,600mmx2,430mm

Loading platform height (Initial position)

approx. 1,150mm

Loading platform height(Driving position)

approx. 1,500mm

Lift / compensation stroke

approx. 700mm (±350mm)

Wheel carrier No. (Total)

8 sets

Wheel carrier No. (Drive)

2 sets

Wheel carrier No. (Brake)

4 sets

Wheel carrier No. (Running)

2  sets

Traction force @ 400bar

approx. 2x80 kN=160kN

Brake force

approx. 4x55 kN=220kN

Permitted Max driving speed

approx. 11.5km/h



Steering angle

Rack and pinion, approx.+130°/ -100°

Working Temperature


Permitted platform bending moment


Faq of Semi Low Loader

Q What is the difference between a modular trailer and a self propelled trailer?

Based totally on the structure of the modular trailer, spmt is ready with a strength machine, and every suspension is changed to an independent suspension. standardize and modularize the structure shape, and continuously splice the module according to the exceptional of goods. it integrates computer and micro electric powered technology, hydraulic generation and wi-fi conversation era to recognize wireless smart operation.


Q Can modular trailers be customized?

Yse, for sure. modular trailers may be can be designed to move of different shipment with its special size. ..., also can meet with consumer needs to make with different size of module, to achieve for great solution for shipping need.


Q What is a modular trailer?

Modular trailer have 8 tires on every line, each module can be make as 2, three, four, five and 6 as one unit, which can be spliced longitudinally or horizontally; all axles can guidance.

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