Recently, Huaneng Group released a notice on the bidding and procurement of wind turbines (including towers) and auxiliary equipment for the Inner Mongolia Energy Group Aruhorqin 1 million kilowatt wind storage base project. It is reported that the project is divided into two bid sections,
2023/11/18 10:03
        From July to September 2023, the Hebei Construction Investment Kangbao "Replacing Small with Large" Wind Power Parity Demonstration Project continuously announced the bidding results for the procurement of wind turbine equipment and auxiliary equipment, as well as pre installed substation
2023/10/30 10:09
        On October 24th, the National Energy Group held the fourth batch of key project centralized commencement meeting, announcing the centralized commencement of 37 key power projects. The project is distributed in 15 provinces and regions, involving 16 subsidiaries and branches of National
2023/10/29 15:44
       The 2023 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP2023) has successfully concluded. At this wind energy exhibition, a total of 12 leading complete machine enterprises brought 45 new products.      Goldwind Technology has released the largest number of new products,
2023/10/23 16:47
       The MySE11-233 onshore unit independently developed by Mingyang Intelligent has been taken offline at the Mingyang Base in Inner Mongolia. It is currently the largest onshore unit with the largest single unit capacity and impeller diameter that has been taken offline in the world, mainly
2023/10/22 09:23
        On October 17th, the 2023 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP2023) was grandly held in Beijing. As one of the top five wind turbine manufacturers in China and the top ten globally, Sany Heavy Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sany Heavy Energy), with
2023/10/21 22:55
        Under the trend of energy transformation, the global iteration of wind power products is accelerating, and the "arms race" of complete machine enterprises is in full swing. The demand for renewable energy is growing rapidly, leaving equipment manufacturers with less and less time for market
2023/10/20 09:23
        On October 7th, the first 100% domestically produced large wind turbine, the latest offshore low wind speed prototype of Yuanyuan Energy, was launched in Yuanyuan Jiangsu Sheyang Zero Carbon Industrial Park. This series of models is fully upgraded based on the previous generation of low
2023/10/16 09:34
         Recently, Fujian and Shandong provinces have respectively announced two offshore wind power projects; Zhejiang has approved a new offshore wind power project.        On September 1st, the Natural Resources Bureau of Ningde City released the "Announcement on the Demonstration Report on the
2023/10/13 12:19
         Recently, Datang Group released the "Research on the Development Plan and Competition Strategy of the North Offshore Wind Power Parity Base - October 2023 Datang Chaoyang Wind Power Co., Ltd., Liaoning Branch of Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd., Bidding Announcement
2023/10/10 22:43
        On September 28th, National Energy Group announced the candidates for winning the bid for the procurement of wind turbines for 8 wind power project sections. The total installed capacity was 1322.8MW, and five complete machine manufacturers, including Yuanyuan Energy, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute
2023/10/05 10:30
         The total planned land area of the Sany Xilingol Zero Carbon Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project is about 535 acres. Sany Heavy Industries actively implements the concept of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" deep integration of the Internet of Things and information
2023/10/04 14:14