Weekly Observation of Power Equipment and New Energy Industry: The Sales of New Energy Vehicles Increased Year-on-year

2023/02/14 15:51

In February, the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles and the installed capacity of power batteries were released. We believe that from the year-on-year data, the sales volume in February increased significantly year-on-year due to the low sales base last year. From the ring-on-ring data, the superposition of the off-season sales in February was affected by the Spring Festival and the number of days, and the decline in the production and sales of new energy vehicles was in line with the trend. However, the monthly production and sales of new energy vehicles remained above 100,000 vehicles, and the month-on-month decline was better than that in February 2019 and February 2020 (down 45% and 72% respectively), so it was judged that the industry still maintained a high degree of prosperity.Driven by the volume of high-quality models and the continuous launch of new models, we continue to be optimistic about the sales performance throughout the year. 2) From the data of the same period, the overall trend of power battery output and installed capacity is consistent with that of new energy vehicles. The rising sales of new energy vehicles are expected to continue to boost the demand for power batteries and upstream materials. In February, the CR10 of domestic power battery enterprises reached 95%, with obvious concentration effect, and the head enterprises are expected to continue to benefit.

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