Create More Glory in 2023

2023/02/14 15:53

Shandong Carrist Vehicle attaches importance to technological innovation, integrates various market elements of "government, industry, education, research and financial services", combines the strength of the whole industry chain, breaks through key industrial technologies, carries out a series of technological research and development, creates good economic benefits, promotes the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and improves the level of industrial development in Shandong.

Actively carry out technological innovation by means of independent innovation and joint innovation of "government, industry, university, research and financial service"; Improve the R&D system by combining new material technology, information technology, etc., with a view to breaking through the key technologies of the industry; Through technological innovation, research and development and launch of new products, lead market demand and open up new market space. Actively respond to President Xi's "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and attach importance to "scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force to lead development".

The company adheres to people-oriented, science and technology as the driving force, and innovation as the goal. Adhere to honest management, timely capture the foreign manufacturing market, and combine the domestic situation. Make products refined and make quality the soul of the company.

Create More Glory in 2023

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