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Carrist Vehicle has unveiled its biggest ever blade lifter –CTWB- 90 – designed for maximum safety and stability when transporting wind turbine rotor blades. The trailer can be used not only in the standard 3-m width but also with split combinations in widths of up to over 4 m.

Depending on the configuration, even the latest generation of rotor blades requiring a load moment of up to 900 meter-ton can be picked up and transported with full flexibility in the towed or self-propelled mode, according to Carrist.

With the split-combination option and mounting behind the loading area, the CTWB-90  offers significantly high stability combined with low ballast weight. This results in a transportation system with a low centre of gravity and maximum protection from tipping. It also ensures low axle loads and cost-effective operations. 

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Product Details


Brand: Carrist Rotor Blade Adapter Mounted on Modular Trailer

Dimension: 19712mm*3000mm*5000mm

Applicable blade: 56-80m, 121-156 model windmill blades

Axis-line: 10 units

Max rotation angle: 360°

Lifting cylinder: cylinder diameter 280mm Lift angle 0-55

Gooseneck with an active platform: 1m

Hydraulic station: 31KW four-cylinder diesel engine

Landing gear: Front and rear hydraulic support cylinder

King pin: 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin

Points to note in operation:

1. The speed of the hydraulic power unit should not be too high when starting to prevent damage to the transmission system due to excessive instantaneous torque.

2. Operate the hydraulic valve handle slowly and steadily when turning and lifting, and do not push the handle to the end to add oil. The turret must not rotate continuously to reduce the vibration of the blades.

3. When turning and lifting, the speed should be slow, and the operation should be even. Pay attention to observation to ensure safety.

4. Try to avoid turning on severely inclined roads to prevent accidents.

5. The vehicle should be at a low speed and constant speed, reduce frequent braking, to reduce the vibration of the blades.

6. Avoid using when the wind is more than 8m/s.

7. The flat installation of the blade is beneficial to reduce the wind resistance and reduce the height.

8. When the blade needs to turn around, the height of the semi-trailer should be lowered, and the rear end of the telescopic support cylinder should be used for auxiliary support.

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